A power to promote the optimization of the entirety
In the mid 80s of last century, when “Zuchang (build the Qi field)” was first heard, people were totally lost, did not know its meaning at all. At that time, Zuchang was the target for people to criticize, ridicule and deride. However, after a few decades’ development, the might and charisma demonstrated by the “Big-Qi-Field” formed through Zuchang, has enabled people to admit that Zuchang is a great pioneer technique not only in Qigong’s history, but also in the history of mankind civilization.

In 1969, in United States of America, an Internet likewise experimental network linked 4 computers located in different sites. Thereafter, the internet has renovated our notion, changed our lives, the whole world has been integrated together by this equal and mutually beneficial net.

In 1976, in China, a medical doctor named Pang, Heming (i.e. teacher Pang) innovated another unified new technology— “Zuchang (build the Qi field)”. This new unified technology linked a great number of individuals into a harmonious integral based on reality, equality, common interest, thereby it leading more and more lives to a brand new stage. In this big-Qi-field, each one participates and at the same time benefits from it; each one puts in the best belief (wish), everyone in the Qi field (including self) benefits from it as a whole. Each one is no longer a stand-alone entity, not a single one figure anymore on the way to optimize life, the big-Qi-field integrates everyone and supports each of us to perfect our lives.

In 1981, Zuchang was first introduced in Qigong teaching, it was then formally applied in group healing treatments in 1984, and in 1986, it was deemed as a very unique original of Zhineng Qigong and announced to the public. Afterward, Zuchang was widely used in such group activities as Qigong healing, teaching, public lecture, scientific research, etc, and its miraculous effects, such as tumor vanished at a glimpse, instant weight loss, increased output of crops, quality improvement of industrial products, etc, were beyond common people’s imagination. The popularization of  Zuchang has reinforced the power of big-Qi-field itself, thereby promoting  various effects of Qigong, and extended Qigong’s application scope extensively. Big-Qi-field provides a realistic possibility for Qigong to sublimate from a health practice method to a new technology/new culture which will have an influence on human society.

The base of big-Qi-field is “the Integral View of Hunyuan”, necessary learning to utilize the big-Qi-field well. However, pure theoretical learning is not sufficient to truly comprehend this brand new supreme union of worldview, epistemology, and methodology, self Qigong practice and experience of actual application is a must. Here, we provide you with such a platform, where you will learn scientific methods and theory to cultivate character and practice Qigong through professional instruction. You will actually sense the charisma of big-Qi-field yourself during self practicing or application, during healing from illness or optimizing body and mind, during mastering techniques or understanding culture.


East and west culture fusion, to jointly create a new global civilization — peace, happiness, equality.

                                             — Pang, Ming

Although big-Qi-field was innovated by teacher Pang, and initially setup and reinforced by practitioners of Zhineng Qigong, it belongs to mankind, should be shared by all human beings. We hope more and more people will benefit in this big-Qi-field, no matter if you are or are not a Qigong practitioner. 

Our Vision
Mission Statement

“Health longevity, harmony willpower, freedom self-consciousness, bliss equality” are what teacher Pang described about the future world as one Great Community, also what we long for and thrive for.

Help as many people as possible to understand big-Qi-field, to take part in the setup and reinforcement of big-Qi-field, and to practice its application; contribute to optimization of self, people around self, community, and up to the entire mankind.