Online APS (Italian) will start on 20th May 2020.
Groups in different languages ​​are welcome to cooperate with us.

Advanced Practitioners Seminar (APS)

A power to promote the optimization of the entirety

5-7 days, refresh and improve your understanding of Zhineng Qigong.

Advanced Practitioners Seminar (APS) 

We have successfully held 5 times in Europe and won the praise of the participants. We hope that more Zhineng Qigong organizers will cooperate with us to hold APS.

Many people are interested in Zhineng Qigong, but they usually care about what and how many methods of practice they learned, if their movements correct, what "high-level" is, etc.
We are more concerned with whether you really understand Zhineng Qigong, whether you have gone the wrong way.
During these 5-7 days, we will clarify the outline of Zhineng Qigong.
You will get an overall view and a more systematic map of what Zhineng Qigong really is. 

Who can join this Seminar?

Answer the following questions to find out if this event is for you:

1. Are you a advanced practitioner of Zhineng Qigong?
Saying that you start learning Zhineng Qigong few years ago is not appropriate to define yourself as advanced. We want to know if you really love Zhineng Qigong. Are you a real practitioner or do you just know the methods? 
At least:
  • You should have mastered the basic practices of Zhineng Qigong, such as “Lift Qi Up Pour Qi Down (Peng Qi Guan Ding Fa)”, “Three Centres Merge Standing Form (San Xin Bing Zhan Zhuang)”, “Chen Qi”, “La Qi”, etc.;
  • You should have been practicing Zhineng Qigong for more than 6 months; 
  • You should have learned some of the theory of Zhineng Qigong, knowing some basic concepts, such as “Hunyuan Qi”, “Yiyuanti”, and so on.

2. Is Zhineng Qigong really helping you?
Did Zhineng Qigong really optimize your mind and body? Did Zhineng Qigong really help your work, life and family? Do you really value Zhineng Qigong?

3. Do you really want to learn more about Zhineng Qigong?
The learners of Zhineng Qigong who really want to learn more about Zhineng Qigong do not only know how to just train the methods of practice. But are those who often feel puzzled and disoriented those who often try to pass through a bottleneck and maybe they don’t even know what is the problem and why having the bottleneck, but their hearts know the way, is just that they have not arrived yet.

4. Do you have the desire to spread Zhineng Qigong?
As someone who has benefitted from Zhineng Qigong, you may want to share Zhineng Qigong with others hoping that more people will get the benefits. You may even want to make it as your job or career, but don’t yet know how to do this. However, the dream is still there.

If your answers are “yes”, you are welcome. If most of your answers are “no”, then this seminar is not yet right for you.

Write a summary of yourself
If you have answered the above questions positively and are sure you would like to attend the seminar, it is very important that you write a summary about yourself. 
Let us know:
  • your profile (1. Name, 2. Sex, 3. Age, 4, Nationality and City, etc.);
  • What you have learned about Zhineng Qigong;
  • What benefits you have got from Zhineng Qigong;
  • What your experiences are;
  • What plans you have for the future;
  • If you have any questions and confusion;
  • Etc.

Your information will help us to better define the content of the seminar. Most importantly, it can help you to review the Zhineng Qigong path you have walked till now and this will allow you to understand more clearly about yourself and Zhineng Qigong. You will benefit more from the seminar if you know this basic.

We will explore the following topics (including but not limited) in 5-7 days:

1. A step forward towards a deeper understanding of Zhineng Qigong Science.
Although many people have practiced Zhineng Qigong for many years, they usually have grasped some methods of practice, but their understanding has been confined to the exercises. What is Zhineng Qigong? What are the differences between Zhineng Qigong and other systems (such as Tai Chi, Yoga, TCM, etc.)? I have been cured by practicing Zhineng Qigong, I feel good now, do I still need to study and practice Zhineng Qigong unceasingly? and etc. Obstacles will be created to the improvement of your Zhineng Qigong practice and will limit the full amplitude of Zhineng Qigong capabilities if these problem remain unsolved.

2. The principles of Zhineng Qigong methods of practice. 
We know that there are many methods in Zhineng Qigong. Many people continue learning new methods or they have already learned lots of methods, but eventually they will find that they don’t know how to choose. They know a lot but they are confused. They don’t understand how the principles have been plotted to design the methods of practice and the more they learn, the more confused they are: how should we practice these methods?

3. The extraordinary applied techniques of Zhineng Qigong.
Zhineng Qigong is a practical learning, it is also a kind of applied technique that everyone can master. If you only know how to practice the movements, but you don’t know how to widely apply the extraordinary  techniques of Zhineng Qigong to all your aspects of life and work, the potential great effect of Zhineng Qigong will be limited.

4. What is Hunyuan Entirety Theory actually talking about?
Hunyuan Entirety Theory is the basis of Zhineng Qigong Science edifice. In Zhineng Qigong, there is nothing more important than that. If you lack understanding of Hunyuan Entirety Theory, "Zhineng Qigong" is merely a word. However, due to the language and culture differences, many advanced practitioners in Western countries know little about this important theory. Even someone of those who joined advanced classes are still confused. Many problems come from here. If this issue is not solved, how to realize the basic principle of “convince people by theory” 以理服人(yǐ lǐ fú rén); how to put into practice "be enlightened by the theory" 理上开窍(lǐ shàng kāi qiào) and “actively optimize the mind according to the theory” 以理作意(yǐ lǐ zuò yì).

5. What is the objective criterion for judging the level of Zhineng Qigong practitioner?

For a long time, in the Zhineng Qigong practitioners, the criterion of the level is ambiguous. Some people's criterion is the name of method, some peoples criterion is feeling, some peoples criterion is evaluation from someone, some peoples criterion is the length of practicing time, and so on. These will cause great problems and disturbances to the practitioners. We should clarify it.

We do not like to talk about empty theories, we like to provide solutions.

Part of APS feedback:

+ The content of APS is what I have been waiting for very long since the beginning of my study of Zhineng Qigong. And I am very happy to have hosted the first APS, I didn't imagine to get all this knowledge. Now that I know the potential I will strongly support the next seminars and suggest to all those people who are serious in Zhineng Qigong.

+ Before starting the APS, I had no idea and expectations on its content, but surely I didn’t think it was so exhaustive, rich of experience, constructive and needful.

+ I liked the APS very much. The seminar was very important for me: It helped me to root into both knowledge and experience of Zhineng Qigong. It also helped me to understand that I am part of a big project, for helping myself and all the humankind.

+ This intensive week leaved me a clearer mind and stable. The perception inside the body is more precise.

+ During these 7 days I’ve learned more about theory and practice of Zhineng Qigong, about principles and criteria, that are not often subject of other workshops. I understood that the 7 days have been like a “no time-no space” days in which many new concepts and new reference frameworks entered inside my mind. These new reference frameworks, these new ideas, concepts, we can call them a new way of life.

+ After the APS I have experienced significant changes inside.I couldn’t believe my senses when my question of 30 years ago found an answer during the APS thanks to the Hunyuan Theory.A light has been turned on inside and I felt an instant opening to the Whole. Now I know, and once you know you have find the valuest treasure.

+ APS has given a new meaning to my practice illuminating the bases it is built on, so I can be more effective in promoting Zhineng Qigong in a clear and effective way. I enjoyed the collective field as a powerful experience as well as each day of you carefully crafted propositions. Like a modern Socrates your questions led to many important discoveries for all. I have had many changes in my life, but never so profoundly and in such a short time. Thank you for a new page in the book of life.

(too much ...)

Every Zhineng Qigong practitioner should participate in this seminar at least once. In fact, many people participate repeatedly.

Teacher Gao will fly with you.

Let's meet in Como, Italy

Seminar Speaker: Teacher Gao, Yuan

Born in China in 1969.

He studied martial arts, yoga, massage, hypnosis and many other qigong.

In 1989, he approached Zhineng Qigong, and since then has never changed.

In 1990, he systematically studied the theories and methods of Zhineng Qigong and since then he established as his lifelong mission the diffusion and development of Zhineng Qigong Science without hesitation. From then on, he began to teach and heal with Zhineng Qigong.

After graduating from college in 1992, he went to the Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Center for further study, and began to carry out the activities of teaching, healing and lecture of Zhineng Qigong independently.

In 1993, he abandoned the excellent position in a government office, and went to work in the Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Center. He entered in the Center as general staff, but later became one of the main managers. In the meantime, he was studying and practicing a lot. Due to his work, he had the opportunity to deeply understand and research the system of methods, theories and principles of Zhineng Qigong, which made his understanding of Zhineng Qigong more deep-going and complete than ordinary practitioners.

In 2000, because of the government policy, he had to leave Huaxia Zhineng Qigong Center, and went into social work. He has been into media publishing, human resource management, marketing planning and self-employment etc.. Ten years of social experience made him more mature.

In 2010, he returned to the career of Zhineng Qigong Science. He boldly innovated the mode of spreading, and successfully brought the concepts and the methods of practice of Zhineng Qigong into the elites of the mainstream society.

In 2015, he created the English international website "", he brought Zhineng Qigong to the World people with a unique concept and form, and he has been widely praised by the participants.

Teacher Gao’s sayings:

SinceI studied Shaolin Neigong in 1984, Qigong began to influence my life. After nine years, I resigned from the government office and I dedicated myself to the cause of Zhineng Qigong. I used all my energy, emotions and thoughts into it, at the same time, I also gained a lot. It made my life richer and more complete and allow myself to live a more meaningful and valuable life.
Qigong is something which is scientific, plain, lively and smart, and not as people may imagine as mysterious, unsubstantial, obscure and away from real life. Qigong is not just a simple exercise , it is a learning which has rich and unique connotation. When we face Qigong with scientific spirit, open mind and vision, we will find that it is a wonderful system to optimize life that everyone can learn, use and talk about, even very fashionable.
Nowadays, with the development of economy and the improvement of living standard, people pay more attention to health issues. Thus there are variety of health care exercises popping up letting the people dazzled and disoriented. In our view, there is no health care exercise like Zhineng Qigong which can provide a complete system to optimize our life. It directly guide people to understand, reform, perfect and improve the function of life bringing out the full potential of people vitality.
However, due to historical reasons, Qigong was not easily integrated into real life, most people regard it as a exercise for the aged or patients or to keep fit, like running, dancing and other sports. This is regrettable. In this view, we offer courses interpreting Zhineng Qigong with an easy language and form as much as possible, hoping to help more and more people enter the magnificent edifice of Zhineng Qigong Science, promoting the wisdom and ability of human, and promoting harmony and happiness in our society.

I am not a Qigong master, I am like everyone else, I am just a lover of Zhineng Qigong, but I am willing to work with you with all my heart to create a more free and better life. On this road, I will walk with you, you are not alone.

Let's meet in Como, Italy

The influence of Zhineng Qigong will be bigger and bigger, this trend has been like the gray dawn, we know that the sun is about to rise. Are you ready to greet the first sunlight?