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Besides public group activities, there are also private and customized services available. 
You cannot improve your past, but you can improve your future.

We encourage you to take part in group activities, simply because when compared with one on one private coaching, the Qi field of group activity is stronger, more efficient, and generates quicker effects.

Meanwhile, we also understand cases arise that you can not or would not like to participate in group activity, due to certain cause,  then our private coaching will be suitable for you. 

Believe in yourself
Private Coaching

In this case, we recommend two choices for you to consider:

1). one on one coaching;

2). you may form a private group with families or close friends, to receive training and coaching together. 

We prefer the second choice.

Private coaching includes but not limited to : teaching Qigong methods, coaching Qigong theories, nursing body& mind, healing through external Qi, etc.  Coaching contents and style will be tailored according to your needs.

Usually each time of coaching should not less than one hour, it would be better not less than 10 hours in total for the first phase of private coaching,  suggest 2-3 hours per visit.

Because private coaching service occupies teacher’s time, attention, wisdom solely for you, the charge will be higher than group standard. Details of hourly rate will be discussed case by case. Yet, preceding consultant and communication are free of charge.

You will need:

1). a proper site ( prefer a separate and quiet place);

2). proper attire for exercise;

3). relaxed mind and body, self-initiation and willpower. 

Ready?  OK,  Let us experience the wonderful Qigong together.